kate. (kisuncha) wrote in fashionlims,

Challenge #7: Round #9 Results

The votes are in and here are the results. Also thank you to all those who voted :)

capelle: -4

People's choice:
llean: +2

lihana: +2


If your icon number is not listed, you received no votes. Congratulations :)

2 - the icon looks too sharpened, the texture(?) doesn't fit the work at all, there is nothing that could be good decorative thing to the icon
4 - the texture is too strong for me
#o2 the quality is bad; the icon is too much empty
2 - I couldn't recognize what exactly is on the background and it makes icon to look weird. too much contrast on model's face
#2 - It's hard to eliminate, since all are gorgeous. This one has good contrast, though the cropping isn't that exciting.
4 - her face is too yellow
To keep:
3 - interesting crop and i love the soft colors
#1 - sharp and good contrast. I like the texture use, and the blue light dot. Overall lovely composition and nicely arranged.
3 - nice use of textures, coloring is well done
#o4 lovely texture use and coloring
1 - good composition and negative space
4 - good composition, nice choice of colors and lovely idea! the use of textures is amazing

Good luck to everyone next round :)
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