kate. (kisuncha) wrote in fashionlims,

Challenge #8: Skips

And here is skip post. I think you know the rules already, but anyway:

Everyone who signs up will automatically get one skip. If you want an extra skip, then pimp fashionlims once, i.e. promote or link back to this community in a post, and post the link here as a comment. If you do so you will be given one extra skip. No matter how many times you promote, you will not get more then 2 skips.

Please note it may take sometime to add you to list when you sign up. If you name does not appear in the list before the sign ups are over please comment here.

o1. lihana - 1
o2. mayush17 - 1
o3. xqueen_mab - 1
o4. prunae - 1
o5. vapor - 1
o6. electrical_s - 1
o7. ms_shalimar - 1
o8. thatonebrunette - 1
Tags: challenge #8, skips
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